Curly hair is everywhere as more and more people embrace their hair’s natural textural qualities. Fashion is turning from the big soft waves of the last ten years and towards tight, messy, and various types of curls. Flyaways are a-okay! Here are 10 celebrities with naturally curly hair to inspire you to adopt your own ringlets, whether natural or styled!

  1. BeyonceEverybody knows Beyonce is a goddess, on and off the stage. The musician, actress, and entrepreneur is known for her gorgeous mane of golden brown curls that she’s been rocking for the last few years.  
  2. Solange KnowlesClearly, great hair runs in the family! Solange is Beyonce’s sister, and former fellow member of Destiny’s Child. Both have grown into beautiful ladies proud of their natural locks!
  3. Blake LivelyBlake Lively often rocks gorgeous natural curl, both on the red carpet and on the screen. Her Instagram in particular features candid photos of her undone hair while she’s at the beach or hanging out with the family.
  4. Ariana GrandeAriana Grande hasn’t historically been known for her curls, or even for natural hair at all, but recently on Instagram the starlet and musician let her hair flow free and rocked our world with her gorgeous curls and edgy braids.
  5. Frederikke SofieFrederikke Sofie is a Danish babe with curls that could launch a thousand ships! The teenage model keeps it simple and straightforward—so to speak—with her hair, and the results are divine.
  6. Vanessa HudgensThis Coachella-inspired beauty has been letting her curls go wild for festival season. Along with her boho style and soft eyes, this look definitely gives her an elegant hippie flair.
  7. Amandla StenbergAmandla Stenberg’s curls first stole our hearts as Rue in The Hunger Games film, but since then she’s grown up. The student, activist, and actress continues to rock her natural hair and has become an advocate for social justice causes. Rock on Amandla, and your pretty hair too!
  8. Alicia KeysAlicia Keys has been a bombshell from the beginning of her career, but her hair has always played a huge role in her looks. Now, the singer and author is trying something new by making a pledge not to wear makeup. Her naturally stunning curls and elegant headwraps are making waves and helping other women feel more comfortable in their own skin.
  9. Justin TimberlakeYou didn’t think the boys would get left out, did you? Justin Timberlake’s boyish ringlets have been beloved by everyone since he first became a teen idol back in his N*Sync days.
  10. Nick JonasThe third of four handsome and famous brothers, Nick comes from a gorgeous family! He became known as the powerhouse lead singer of The Jonas Brothers, along with his brothers, Kevin and Joe.


Hopefully these stars have inspired you to adopt your own wild style and try rocking some fun and funky curls of your own! Call us today to setup an appointment with our renowned curlyologist, Mona Harb, and experience curly hair on a different level!


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