Reflexology is a special type of focused massage aimed at releasing tension and stress, reducing pain, and treating illness through specific reflex points located in the hands, feet and head. Reflexologists believe that these points are connected to specific organs and body systems and that applying pressure to reflexes helps relieve ailments in those places.

The origin of Reflexology links back 4,000 years BC in China. There is also evidence that this therapy was used in Egypt as hieroglyphics have depicted massaging of the hands and feet. There are also inscriptions found by physicians in Egyptian tombs that seem to detail Reflexology and its use in ancient Egypt.

The practice of Reflexology is all natural and noninvasive which has led to its popularity all over the world, being widely used throughout Europe and Asia, and have recently gained traction in the United States.

The way Reflexology works is simple: Reflexologists use maps to determine where reflex points are located on the hands, feet and head, and which body parts or systems those points correspond to. Unlike traditional massages, Reflexology does not manipulate any soft muscle tissue, all manipulation is done through pressure points in the reflexes.

The mapping of these points is generally in agreement with most reflexologists. Some of the basic elements of the map includes that the right foot corresponds with the right half of the body and vice versa.

Reflexology is best known for its ability to heal the mind. This practice is especially beneficial to reduce stress, increase relaxation, an aid to depression and anxiety,creating a balance of energy in your body. There are many physical ailments that this practice is known to be helpful in curing, such as nausea, pain and symptoms of chronic illnesses. Your sleeping can also improve from reflexology and you can become less prone to catching colds and viruses.

Reflexology is best used in conjunction with your normal medical care routine and all health and wellness questions should be directed to your primary care physician.

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