Reiki is a century old technique originated in Japan that involves using life force energy for stress reduction, relaxation, and promoting healing in the body and mind. Reiki can be used on anyone, and is a noninvasive technique. This holistic type of healing targets all aspects of your well-being including health, emotions, stress, and anxiety.

The popularity of Reiki is growing quickly as more people are starting to experiment with the use of natural and holistic remedies for common ailments. Reiki is a cheaper alternative as well if you’re searching for remedic options.

The Center of Reiki Research has done extensive testing on the benefits and effects of Reiki on patients that were experiencing stress, anxiety and depression. In a period of 6 months after beginning Reiki healing, patients reported feeling less stressed and having better control over their symptoms.

For mild pain, the use of Reiki stones can immediately bring relief, while for chronic pains long lasting remedies are needed. A regular Reiki routine can help to dramatically reduce pain to a manageable level when combined with your regular medically prescribed practices.

Reiki stones help to break up pain toxins that attack nerve receptors in areas of tension or an injury. The use of Reiki stones spreads those toxins out so that they are not concentrated and can even eliminate them all together.

Reiki uses energy to align the chakras, an energy point or node derived from Indian thought and used to bring spiritual power to the body, which produces a more stable life force energy to flow through your system. While Reiki can’t cure chronic illness, it can be used as a long term preventative measure.

People who struggle with active dreaming, insomnia, or even getting a good night of sleep have noticed a considerable difference when using Reiki, since this healing technique helps your body to relax and connects your chakras for a more balanced psyche.

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