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mona harbMona Harb

Mona Harb, magical Curlyologist – ( or curly hair expert ) possesses the expertise to transform the most challenging set of tresses. She has the uncanny ability to diagnose the very personality type of your curls (lovely, mellow, mad, angry, or even chaotic curls) and sets about coaxing them into shape in just the right way. Having perfected what Mona calls “the diamond technique” for cutting curly hair, she has trademarked her brand as “Curlyologist.” Only stylists trained by Mona can boast the title of Curlyologist. For every head of curls, there is a specific cut and style, and different products to bring out the beauty in every strand.

Mona sincerely enjoys sharing her lifetime of sensible secrets with anyone who has ever had a squabble with their follicles and encourages to embrace your irresistible, natural ringlets and let them flow naturally.


Ania MazikAnia Mazik (Master Esthetician, Massage Therapist)

Ania comes to us from Warsaw, Poland, where she received her Master’s in Teaching (Education) and worked as an elementary teacher. She also began her massage therapy education and practice. Since moving to the U.S., she has obtained her National Certification in massage therapy. She entered the esthetic profession by getting a certificate of Basic and Master Esthetician at Dermal Science International Aesthetic Academy in Reston, Virginia.
Professional, communicative, and compassionate, Ania customizes every therapeutic massage session, blending Swedish, deep tissue and lymphatic drainage to meet your individual needs. In every service she also includes Reiki gentle healing and relaxing energy work. Enjoy the benefits of a stimulating, firming or/and soothing massage with every facial. After a massage or facial with Ania, you will leave the spa feeling unimaginably relaxed and renewed. You will know you have done something remarkable for your health and your spirit.


Carmen GutierezCarmen Gutierrez (Mona’s Protege, Hair Colorist)

Originally from Costa Rica, Carmen has been working closely with Mona in various salons in the area for the last thirteen years. She is a certified hair stylist from the Springfield Beauty Academy. Carmen’s extensive training in color from Davines and Affiance has given her the ability to identify, formulate, and create just the right color that enhances your eye color and skin tone. You’l look and feel great stepping out Lofty’s door after a specialized color treatment from Carmen.


matthew corriganMatthew Corrigan (Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor, CMT, RYT)

Matthew is a certified massage therapist and a registered yoga teacher but prefers to call himself a movement therapist. His precise knowledge of anatomy and physiology is seamlessly integrated into his massage therapy and yoga, allowing him to offer his clients a comprehensive approach to releasing myofascial restrictions as they relate to stress, sport specific muscle fatigue or injury, as well as adaptive postural patterns and muscle memory. His unique approach to myofascial anatomy addresses specific issues of postural alignment and repetitive motion and helps to relieve chronic pain patterns such as frozen shoulder and sciatica.
Everybody is unique and should be addressed from the whole-body perspective. Too often therapists only address the painful area and overlook the systemic pattern that causes it. Matthew works to educate his clients about their individual posture and movements as it relates to the demands of their daily lives. Through a combination of proper breathing, postural alignment, and manual therapy, Matthew has achieved profound results in the quality of life of his clients.


taylor hellenTaylor Hellen (Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist)

Taylor is a certified and experienced hair and make-up specialist from the prestigious Graham Webb International Academy of Hair, the DC area’s highly accredited university of cosmetology arts and sciences. Taylor is passionate about designing a signature style for the individual from innovative, beautiful rich color, a fresh, signature haircut, or even a simple yet highly effective bold lipstick. Not only skilled in her artistry for the ladies, Taylor is also experienced in fashion-forward cuts for men and looks for special occasions. In addition to working in the fashion, hair, and make-up industry, she also comes from a theatrical background. She has been associated with Moonlit Wings Productions for the past five years, designing hair and make up for multiple stage productions and theatrical events. Taylor believes that each client is a new inspiration, deserving of a cutting edge look that’s exciting and sure to turn heads.


dorota SzczepaniakDorota Szczepaniak (Manager of Operations)

Dorota was born in the western part of Poland where her first love was dance. For fifteen years, she enjoyed dancing and teaching dance in a professional dance troupe. She also has a passion for fitness and nutrition. Dorota has always been interested in health, and in fact was studying pre-med Science in Poland when she decided to come to the States. Dorota has worked at the well-known Georgetown Erwin Gomez Salon & Spa, known for its celebrity makeup artist, at Lansdowne Resort supervising the Spa Minérale, and assisting Aromatherapist Michael Scholes with his company Laboratory of Flowers. She also acted as Clinic Manager at Ashburn Medical Spa & Wellness Center.

In addition to her sincere smile and graceful demeanor, Dorota brings her extensive salon and spa management experience to Lofty.


Svetlana LysenkoSvetlana Lysenko

Svetlana Lysenko, who goes by Lana, was born in Belarus and grew up in Germany and Ukraine. She graduated from Kiev State University with a Bachelor of Arts in German language and literature. She has spent the last 20 years in Alexandria and Vienna, Virginia. A dancer since September of 2008, Lana has been a member of a belly dancing and Persian dancing troupe. She also holds a 200-hour yoga teacher certification and has practiced reiki. She speaks Russian and Ukrainian in addition to English. She has an interest in nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle, and cares about the environment. Lana enjoys being with people, helping people, and working at a place where people smile a lot. She likes to look at the glass as half-full, or at least refillable. Lana believes that everything happens for a reason.


bredaBreda Pixley, RN, CCH Certified Classical Homeopath

Breda has been a registered nurse for over thirty years. She specialized and became certified in pediatric and oncological nursing and has worked for many years in this discipline in Ireland, Africa, Turkey, Iraq and the USA. As a nurse counselor, Breda had long felt a more holistic approach to health care was necessary to facilitate her patients towards health and so she searched for a better option. She found that homeopathy, as well as the other modalities she incorporates into her work today, was the answer. She is a graduate of the School of Homeopathy New York and has completed post graduate study in Ireland. She is a member of the National Center for Homeopathy, the North American Society of Homeopaths and is certified by the Council of Classic Homeopaths. She has been a reflexologist for over 17 years and has completed the Advanced Reiki Training degree of teh Usui method of Reiki to enhance her practice. She is qualified in Bach Flower and Gemmos herbal remedies.